• Energizing, rejuvenating, practice that improves health and well-being, alleviates stress, and facilitates meditation and self improvement.
  • Eliminate fatigue and enter the flow state, improves sleep, speeds the body's healing process, improves athletic performance and increases motivation.
  • Facilitates creative insights, enhances problem-solving abilities, increases focus, expands aware-ness and accelerates learning.

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Welcome to Ubud Float Garden
Bali's 1st Sensory Deprivation Tank center.
- Pause & Reset -
Provide your Inner-Self the time to disconnect
from the hectic, sensory-saturated, modern pace,
amongst our quiet Gardens & Sanctuary Space.


Best priced Floats on the island - Single Floats 60/90min 350k

*includes 10min Light Therapy
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`Dive-in` Bundle

2 Floats & Light Session
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3 Float Package

333k each!
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Open Tuesday to Sunday
3pm to 9pm
Last Float 8pm
Closed Monday

Floating Benefits


  • Reducing activity in the cortex allows for a decrease in production of "stress hormones."
  • Deep relaxation leads to an increased release of endorphins and deeper meditation.
  • Elimination of external stimulation facilitates deeper meditation.


  • Floating reduces blood pressure while improving circulation, allowing for increased recovery from injury or athletic training.
  • Decreasing the build up of lactic acid helps to eliminate muscle fatigue.
  • The near zero gravity environment relieves pressure from the back, feet and joints.


  • Achieving and maintaining a Theta brain-wave state allows for an increase in creativity.
  • Allowing the brain to operate free from external distraction enhances problem-solving.
  • Heightened visualisation helps achieve the "flow state."