Our Story & Our Mission

Beautiful things happen when passion & potential collide. A few years ago three bright-minded beings came together with the intention of creating the BEST FLOAT CENTER IN THE WORLD; A place where people can come and explore the profound peace, power & potential that lies within. But sometimes reality surpasses even your wildest expectations…

Here at the Ubud Float Garden we’ve created a little Oasis nestled in the rice paddies just minutes from the center of town. A Zen-like garden sanctuary inspired by the Balinese concept of “Tri Hita Kirana” (Harmonious balance between human & nature, human & fellow man, and human & Source). Here you’ll find a wide range of experiences designed to restore health and activate your fullest potential.

From day 1 this project has been full of heart & soul. Our authentic desire to create a more beautiful world that our heart’s know is possible permeates all that we do & all that we offer. Whether you’re a floating novice or a seasoned pro, we’re confident you’ll appreciate all the extra love & attention that has gone into designing every aspect of the float experience. Gratitude to the island of Bali, to the Balinese, and to all the fortunate beings who stumble upon this little slice of heaven-on-Earth!

The Gardens

"We must cultivate our garden within"

Our wild and beautiful gardens were created with your well-being in mind. Beyond being a gorgeous place to enjoy a tasty meal, our gardens are meant to be explored… tasted, touched, smelled and appreciated with all your senses. So take off your shoes and have a bare-foot stroll on our reflexology pathway as it winds through our sensory garden. Stop to smell the roses… and to pick fresh veggies straight off the vine (we encourage this!). Don’t miss out on possibly the best secret sunset spot in town! Watching the sun dip into the deep green of the rice paddies as you relax in your own personal garden bale is an experience not to be missed! For those of you who are experienced floaters you’ll no doubt appreciate the fact that we’ve intentionally designed the post-float experience to include immediate immersion into your own private garden so that the first sensory input you’ll experience after your float is not the honking of horns but rather the buzzing of bees.

The Labyrinth

A “Labyrinth” is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as tools for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation, also thought to enhance right-brain activity. Although labyrinth designs can be extremely varied, typically a labyrinth is designed to a meandering singular path leading to a center. Labyrinth-walking in an ancient practice used by many different faiths for spiritual centering, contemplation, and prayer. Entering the serpentine path of a labyrinth, you walk slowly, consciously, while quieting your mind and becoming present with the NOW. Upon reaching the center of the labyrinth realignment is achieved, prayers are offered & intentions are set. By the time you walk back out of the Labyrinth one typically feels more embodied, centered, and present. Tip: It’s a great way to unwind prior to float and/or as a way of integrating post-float.

The Tanks

Entering the float tank is like stepping back into the womb… or floating in outer space. Inside the float tank the external world fades away, there is a sense of timeless and one gets to experience an almost complete “anti gravity environment” (90% free of gravity due to the extremely high salt-saturated solution). The mind, free from all external distractions, slips effortlessly into a meditative state (even for those with no prior meditative experience) triggered by the activation of our bodies’ parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode). The body, temporarily relieved from the force of gravity, enters a deeply rejuvenating state. After the float, senses are sharpened, the mind is refreshed, and the world may appear more vibrant. The feeling is often one of peace, relaxation, happiness, and calm attentiveness. The effects of floating can last for hours to days afterwards, and have the potential to last much longer.

Our Cafe

A true hidden gem! Our lovely café is charmingly situated in the middle of lush private gardens and nestled in amongst the rice paddies. Although its just a few minutes ride form the center of Ubud, arriving here feels like you’ve stepped out of the hustle & bustle and landed in a tiny slice of paradise. The views are spectacular (especially at sunset), the air is cool and refreshing, the sounds of nature abound, and the food is beautifully prepared & exceptionally delicious. Our menu is diverse and includes a Balinese Tapas section, which allows our guests to sample an assortment of some of the tastiest Balinese food you’ll ever try anywhere, as well as “Traveler’s Delights” section as well as a “Yogi Bites” section (vegetarian & vegan options galore). Something for everyone! Enjoy our food in our roof-top restaurant with 360 views overlooking the rice fields or sit in and amongst the lush gardens in your own private bungalow. Either way you’re in for a real treat! Our ingredients, as much as possible, are sourced either directly form the garden or from local, organic food suppliers. While this is not always 100% possible but we are committed to providing the freshest, healthiest food possible and are constantly developing new relationships with growers island-wide towards this end.


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