Ambassador Program

Help spread the magic of floating to those you know and love

Reselling Partner

  • Wholesale Prices on Float Packages

    Buy floats at wholesale prices and resell them to your customers online or offline.

  • Add Value to Your Business / Offering

    Floating is a great experience in and of itself but can be a great addition to an existing retreat, workshop or tour

  • Manage Packages Online

    Book and manage floats on behalf of your customers within our simple ambassador dashboard.

Referring Partner

  • Earn a FREE FLOAT for Every 5 Referrals You Send our Way

    Promote floating to your customers or audience using a trackable link or coupon code.

  • Discounted Floats for Your Friends!

    When you share the link and/or coupon code provided, your friends automatically get 20% discount off their float

  • Promote Online or Offline

    Ideal for influencers, restaurants, tour operators etc. Marketing materials and creatives provided.

How It Works

Joining our "Ambassador Program" allows for those running retreats / immersions / workshops / & businesses in Bali to create added value to your existing offering(s) while giving your clients a truly unique experience that they're sure to appreciate.

“Floating", in case you’re in the dark (pun intended) is an experience unlike any other.  The experience is short (typically lasts either 1 or 1.5 hours) but incredibly potent and has the power to radically shift people's state & facilitate massive transformation.  Essentially, floating represents the "Technology of Nothingness" because an experience includes entering into an environment which has been specifically designed with the intention of removing all external stimuli (no light, no sound, etc).  The result is profound rest, relaxation & recalibration.  It’s something that simply must be experienced to truly be understood.

For short videos explaining the float experience check out:


  • Discounted floats Discounted float prices for you and/or your customers.
    • Referring Option Great for you and your clients!  Clients receive a 20% discount off their float.  You receive float credit.  For every 5 people who you send our way we give you a free float!  Win-Win-Win!
    • Reseller Option  Purchase a “float package” under your business’ name and receive 20% off for each float.  Great options for adding value to your offering and your clients' experience!

  • Free floats for you!  For every 5 people you send our way, we will give you a (1) float credit.  While we recommend you enjoy the float yourself, you’re also allowed to gift it to someone else. (500K value per float).

  • Free ad space  Feel free to use the "Ubud Float Garden" community board to promote your offering / business.  (Many people visit us every day and are typically looking for ways to deepen their experience while in-town)

Looking forward to working together with you!

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