Enjoy Delicious Healthy Food

Compliment your peaceful float with some fresh, vegan food and drinks in our organic cafe.

Mind, Body & Soul

Finish your float with a nourishing meal.

The Proper nourishment is much needed to sustain health in these modern times. So we have teamed up with Chef Ibu Alit to bring our floaters and other clients a beautiful fusion of healthy Balinese cuisine and with a perfect balance of Sattvic (yogi) foods. All meals are prepared fresh only using the lands best ingredients. Majority organic, only with pure Coconut Oil and a Incredible amounts of love.


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Real Food From Our Own Garden

We grow much of our ingredients in our very own garden. Fresh with absolutely no growth hormones or pesticides.

Cooked With Lots Of Love

Just like Ibu's home cooking, with real ingredients and no nasty additives or chemicals.