Simon RodrígueSimon Rodrígue

This place is excellent.

The staff are extremely nice, the owner is a very open hearted person and the service is incredible. you can go to the sensory deprivation tank then stay to watch the rice padi with some great food.

A bit away of Ubud, just 15 minutes from town. This makes it even more special as you can t hear the traffic and you a deeply inside the rice fields

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Deep FilipDeep Filip

Amazing floating experience, and they gave me a 20% discount too! Unfortunately the restaurant has been permanently closed so dont expect to be eating here but nearby there is Begal Balinese Cooking Class which is a highly recommended local place to eat

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Tim W.Tim W.

I've done 3 90-minute floats here and my experience has been excellent. Each float tank is surrounded by a small bungalow with it's own nicely appointed shower and private patio area. The staff are extremely helpful and attentive, and the food is great, as well. If you order prior to your float, they can have your meal ready for you at your patio when you finish. If you're interested in trying a sensory deprivation experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place!

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Gemma NewnsGemma Newns

This was my first float experience and it was really lovely. The staff were very helpful over WhatsApp before hand and even helped me when my taxi driver dropped me in the wrong place. The staff talk you through everything before hand and you can ask any questions. A very relaxing and peaceful experience. The rooms come with a bathroom and shower for before an after and there’s even a mini garden patio with a dip pool outside your room. Everything was provided that I needed and it was all very clean. The only down side is that the blue light turns off every 10 minutes and if you want the light on inside the tank you have to sit up every 10 minutes. Thoroughly enjoyable experience and would highly recommend when in Ubud. The ladies were even kind enough to drop me back to my hotel as no Grab drivers were in the area. Very thoughtful and wholesome staff!

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Kashmiri .Kashmiri .

Just from getting here the place is in a magical spot right in the rice fields. Loved my experience check their packages they got good ones.
Really impressed with the place and what they offer. Great great service as well.

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